Music has been a part of entertainment and refreshment of mind with such peace for a very long time. for music enthusiasts there always been excited to know about new songs and keep them in their playlist from the very time they release. But where would play these all music, of course, a music player? The music player is just like that jukebox in your mobile that plays songs and music according to your, only difference is that you don’t need a coin to play that. Instead of doing that just scroll down that list and play your favourite music in no time, some of the music players provide you with a wide range of online songs available that you play them for free from the time when they release. Spotify mod apk is yet another music player app, which we haven’t featured in this article.

Here in this article, we will be discussing some of the best of these with there relevant feature. You must have one these in your phone to experience the best for the music and songs.



It is a freely available music player with all the decent feature to use. Its accessibility is frequent and fast making it a handy tool for music. It supports file formats like MP3, WAV and OGG. You can adjust audio quality by the help of adjusting equalizer and 3D surrounded sound. You change the themes and colour of the interface according to you to make it look cooler, just your taste of music. A feature like timers, crossfading and widgets are also available in this application.



This music player can play almost all audio file formats like wav, .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .m4a, .mpc, .tta, .wv, .ape, .mod, .spx, .opus, .wma* and more. You can also ser preset equalizer setting like Wide, Reverb, X-Bass. Many cool theme and colours option can be customized according to your mood. Playback option of MIDI is also available to make your comfort of another level. Many range of widget is also available making this player a very useful option for you music companion. Some added features of on-screen lyrics, 3D surround sound, pitch shifting and speed control can also be done on this music player.



This application is one of the best application for managing your large music collection with ease. You synchronize media easily from PC to your phone in time, additional information like ratings, lyrics, artist information can also be seen by this music player. It classifies music with respect to genre, album, artist etc. option timer, equalizer and chrome casting is also available in this application. You can search for your favourite songs as an option of searching is also available. Player supports widget options by which can operate this application even when the screen is locked. It almost supports all the android versions and one of the best to enjoy.



This music managing and playing application is also the one to look for with a lovely user interface and control options. Equalizer, visualizer, widget and 3D surround sound makes your experience better than ever. Option editing information with prior knowledge about songs can also be done by using this application. It is a very user-friendly featureful application with all the handy option supporting your convenience for playing music.


Neutron Music Player

Music player with the widest range of feature that you must look once. Support highest audio quality with no issues of lags and error. Supports almost all types of music file formats and you can also have playlist according to that. You can also balance sound with respect left-right. Furthermore, you have change pitch, speed, and equalizer mode while playing your music. You can set repetition, timer and shuffling of the playlist also.



Last but not least in the list is phonograph. Another user-friendly interface with a handy range of feature that you must look once. One can create a playlist with the set of your favourite song which would help you to settle your mood in no time. supportive widgets, equalizer and themes can be provided by your convenience. This application is supported by the android platform.

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